Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Edwards misstatements

Two misstatements by Edwards in the Veep debate don't seem to be getting much coverage.

First, I am almost sure I heard him say "John Kerry voted to cut taxes over 600 times in the Senate."

That averages out to 30 votes to cut taxes every year. Tax cut icons like Jack Kemp, Bill Roth, and Phil Gramm only wish they had had that many opportunities to vote for tax cuts.

Second, Edwards repeatedly claimed that Halliburton wasn't having their payments withheld, as is normally the practice when billings are under investigation. This is not true. Millions are being held up; it was announced months ago.

Here is a Houston Business Journal report in May, which was NOT the first time payments were withheld.

Edwards just wasn't telling the truth in these cases.


UPDATE: From the transcript:

EDWARDS: We are committed to cutting back anything in our programs that need to be cut back to get us back on a path to fiscal responsibility.

John Kerry, Mr. Vice President, has voted or co-sponsored over 600 times tax cuts for the American people -- over 600 times.

From that notorious right-wind rag, the Washington Post.


UPDATE: Polipundit's Lorie Byrd heard from military blogger Oak Leaf that Edwards' statement about "millionaires paying less taxes than our combat troops in Iraq" is false, as combat pay is tax-free. Says so here. Who ya gonna believe? John Edwards, or the Department of Defense?


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