Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dean Dizzy

I just saw Howard Dean on Late Night with David Letterman.

It says a mouthful about the Democratic Party that this man was their frontrunner for the better part of a year. Dean insisted we should not have invaded Iraq, so Dave asked him about it.

Letterman: Well, what would Iraq be like say, in ten years, with Saddam still in power?
Dean: I don't think we can assume he would still be in power. We could have removed him over time with pressure. He had been under pressure for twelve years, if we had kept it up we might have removed him in a period of time.

Aha! The Dean plan was to "keep on the pressure." You know, he could be right. Eventually, Saddam would have died of old age. Why didn't Bush think of that?

On how he or Kerry might have acted differently:

Letterman: But if you were President, or John Kerry, or me, wouldn't have been dealt from the same deck of cards [intelligence] that Bush was?

Dean: No, Bush misrepresented the intelligence. We now know Saddam wasn't talking with al Qaeda, Iraq wasnt' involved in 9/11, and Iraq hadn't imported the nuclear materials that Bush said he had.

Um, well, no. We do know that Saddam was in contact with al Qaeda, and no one ever said he was directly involved with 9/11. And what Bush actually said was "British intelligence believes Saddam was attempting to buy yellowcake uranium from Africa." Nobody said Iraq had obtained what they were looking for.

Listening to this moron makes me want to scream. But then I might sound like him.


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