Thursday, September 30, 2004

Stupid is as stupid does

I have long contended that Patty Murray {D-WA} is the dumbest United States Senator currently serving. Given the membership in that esteemed body, her status is no small achievement. Her only "qualification" for office was that she was a "Mom in tennis shoes."

If the voters of Washington had put her stinky old tennies in the Senate, they would doubtless have more intelligent representation.

Rep. George Nethercutt - who unseated Democratic institution Tom Foley a decade ago - is running against her this year. Nethercutt isn't exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, either, but he at least approximates higher primate intelligence, which places him far above Murray on the food chain.

He's been trailing the whole campaign, and is still behind by high single digits {9% in the last poll I saw}. His latest ad may change that, though.

George figured out that if the public wasn't responding to his own entreaties, he needed to get another spokesperson. He picked . . . Patty Murray. The ad, which can be seen here [hint: select "Windows Media small," it seems to work better].

Patty really stuffs both her tennis shoes in her mouth in this video from around the time of the Afganistan invasion. She goes on and on about what a great humanitarian Osama bin Laden is. Must be seen to be believed.

Whatever possessed the people of Washington to take her seriously is well beyond me. After this ad, we should see some awakening there.

Tip o' the hat to Powerline for the link!


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