Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Next, OJ will be offering marriage counseling

Lorie Byrd over at PoliPundit points out that the venerable Al Gore - a/k/a "the formidable debater," and later "the sighing eyeroller" and "the stalker" - is actually giving Kerry advice on debating George Bush, in the New York Times, no less!

My confidential sources {who recently provided CBS with a blockbuster story} tell me that the Times originally wanted Ann Richards - former Texas Governor and rumored to be the stupid ugly sister of Phyllis Diller - to do the debate advice piece. It seems that "last call" fell well past deadline, so they had to look elsewhere, and Al wasn't busy.

BTW ~ the NYT and many news sites require "free registration." If you hate wasting the time to set up free email accounts and filling out their forms as much as I do, visit BugMeNot next time. They maintain a database of usernames and passwords for most news sites. Plug in the URL of the place that requires you to register, and they supply an already-registered username and password so you don't have to give out {or, make up} any personal information to read the site.


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