Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Allies? What allies?

I keep hearing John Kerry claiming he will involve more of "our allies" in Iraq to ease the burden on our troops and budget. Who on earth is he talking about?

Britain, Poland, Australia, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and thirty-something others are with us already. Oops, Senator Kerry called them "the coalition of the bribed and the coerced." Tels diplomatie! Guess they will be heading for the door if he's elected . . . and he has also insulted Iraqi PM Allawi while still in this country, an unprecendented diplomatic faux paus.

What about France and Germany and Belgium, then? Well, none of them have any significant military forces to offer in the first place, having downsized their already minor commitment to defense after the fall of the Soviet Empire, and each of them has publicly declared they will NOT help in Iraq no matter who wins the US Presidential Election.

So, then . . . WHO exactly is going to jump on board for a war Kerry described as "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time . . ."? WHO would be dumb enough to do that? I mean, besides Canada? "I love it when you talk French, Morticia! It drives me wild!"

Are these "allies" the mysterious "foreign leaders" Kerry claimed were supporting him? Has he been working secret back-channel negotiations with Burkina Faso and Moldova? What could they send us besides a request for funds?

Or are these imaginary allies? Cambodians with Chinese rifles?

What gives Kerry the right to claim - or his minions any rational basis to believe - that he could add more allies to our cause?


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