Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Secret missions, secret plans, secret hopes

The indispensible Jim Geraghty reports from the Kerry Spot at NRO:

Look at the lead paragraphs of this
AP story from today:

SPRING GREEN, Wis. — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told
voters in America's Dairyland on Monday that President Bush had a secret plan
that would hurt milk producers after the election.

Kerry tried to convince voters in this rural community, where he is practicing for Thursday's debate, that he would look out for dairy farms here even though he hadn't always in the past. In the 1990s, Kerry supported the Northeast Dairy Compact, a regional pricing program that propped up prices for Northeastern dairy farmers over objections from their Midwestern counterparts.

"We've had a difference between the Midwest and the Northeast," Kerry said. "I'm going to be very upfront with you about it. "As a senator representing Massachusetts, I fought for the dairy compact and fought to have our dairy farmers get help," the four-term lawmaker said. "I'm running for president of the United States now and I intend to represent all the farmers of America."

I wonder if that would make a good quote for a Bush ad in New

Also, do you feel like you're having a hard time catching up with all
of Kerry's charges of "secret plans"?

He's charged Bush with having
secret plan to call up more troops after the election.

Kerry has suggested that Bush has a
secret plan to bring back the draft.

Slings and Arrows is on the "secret plan" beat, and has found that Kerry has accused Bush of having secret plans to privatize Social Security, wage nuclear war, cut social services, manipulate oil prices to benefit the Saudis, cut VA Benefits, cut Education Funding, and send jobs overseas.

[More on link above].

Nice catch, KerrySpot and SlingsandArrows!

Kerry loves his own secrets - secret plans to get France to send troops and money it doesn't have to Iraq, secret missions to Cambodia when the rivers were blocked to Swiftboats, secret battles with the Khymer Rouge years before they operated in the area, secret hopes that some poor dumb soul somewhere is buying it all.

BUT ~ when he accuses Bush of having "secrets" that exist only in the paranoid imaginations of the radical left, his attitude towards secrecy takes a 180° turn. Those "secrets" are bad - bad - evil bad! Never mind that they are only accusations without basis in reality.

To take Kerry seriously requires a flight of fancy. Relax, let all your muscles relax. Unwind, close your eyes, see only with your mind's eye . . . That's it! . . . Now, concentrate . . . let your mind go blank and your limbs go limp . . . see yourself . . . you are on a boat, deep inside Cambodia . . .good, good . . . now see yourself fired upon by Khmer Rouge troops who didn't exist, or those who did, but never contested border areas at the time . . . yes, that's it . . . see the secret agent in your boat . . . doesn't he look just like Martin Sheen? - never mind . . . must see Colonel Kurtz . . . good, now you've got it . . .

Or maybe you don't. Oh well, we tried . . .


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