Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney, by a lot

Edwards had his presentation down, but still looked helpless against a well-informed Vice President, who showed the leadership that made him White House Chief of Staff at age 34, a five-term Congressman, Secretary of Defense, and CEO of a $13 billion corporation.

Hindrocket from Powerline represented conservative bloggers, and gave a solid assessment, but he and Wonkette were only asked one question each. Why did they pick her, anyway? Kaus, Drum, or Marshall would have been better choices on substance, IMO.

A lot of good moments for Cheney, but I was most struck by the way he gave answers without feeling the compulsion to use up his alloted time on several occasions. It conveyed a calm and confident authority.

Why is this guy only #2? No, I know . . . it was a rhetorical question.


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