Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kerry Excommunicated?

According to the Catholic World News, there could be trouble brewing for JK:

"I went to Rome in person to submit two critical questions to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith," said Balestrieri. "The first: Whether or not the Church's teaching condemning any direct abortion is a dogma of Divine and Catholic Faith, and if the denial and doubt of the same constitutes heresy. The second: Whether or not a denial of the Church's teaching condemning every right to abortion also constitutes heresy. Father Cole, an expert theologian who studied the matter carefully, responded in the affirmative on both counts."

Father Cole wrote, "If a Catholic publicly and obstinately supports the civil right to abortion, knowing that the Church teaches officially against that legislation, he or she commits that heresy envisioned by Can. 751 of the Code [of Canon Law]. Provided that the presumptions of knowledge of the law and penalty and imputability are not rebutted in the external forum, one is automatically excommunicated ...."

Read the rest at CWN, linked above.

This will help the Kerry campaign in PA, OH, MI, WI, IO, NM and MN, since they don't any Catholics in those states anyway.

What's that? . . . oh, well, in that case . . .

Hat tip to Powerline for the pointer!


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